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Sasha’s New & Exclusive Healthy, Delicious & Affordable Weekly Meal Plan

Dear Reader,

Is this you?

I Have Been There Before…

10 years ago, I was 105 kilos.
I remember deciding to join the local gym after…
Realizing that my favorite pair of jeans was not fitting me.
Words can not describe how unmotivated and depressed I was feeling.

One of the personal trainers had written me a “fat loss” meal plan.


It was something like this:

I quit the day when my colleagues at work ordered a pizza.
Just to purchase another meal plan after a few months and quit because…
The meals were too Expensive!!!!
After failing numerous times.
Going through a lot of trial and error.
I had to come up with NEW dieting methodology.
That allows me to enjoy all of my favorite meals.
While keeping a fit body (at the age of 43) with EASE.


Because after purchasing this e-book for only 15$ 5$

Here Is What You Will Get :

7 NEW, Fit & Mouthwatering, Extremely Cheap Lifelong Recipes That Will Save You Time, Effort and Money

Access To Our Private Facebook Group Where You Will Have A Chance To Ask Any Questions And Interact With Fellow Meal Planners

Exclusive Meal Prep Ideas To Keep Every Recipe Fresher & Tastier For Longer Time

Grocery Lists For Each Recipe To Save You Time While Shopping

Unorthodox Tips From Me To Make Each Recipe Taste Better INSTANTLY

Step By Step Preparation Instructions

Exact Nutrition Facts For Each Recipe So You Can Adjust Them To Your Diet Easily


This Meal Plan Is For You If :

This Meal Plan Is Not For You If:

What Do Others Say About The Recipes?

Mitra Z. Product Manager

You have helped me figure out how to eat! I’m the worst cook, I have never liked it, and I never knew what to make. Thanks to your perfect meals this has changed!

Klee T. Fitness Instructor

Sasha, I must say this looks amazing! It has always been my dream to eat my favorite meals and still remain fit. Thank you for making it real!

Caralie X. Social Worker

One thing I know for sure is that I am never turning back to my old fat loss diets. I am actually surprised about how easy it is to keep a fit body without actually dieting


Step by Step instructions are given for each recipe, along with grocery lists and exclusive tips allowing anybody to prepare these recipes.
Losing weight is only achieved by caloric deficit. Exact nutrition facts for every recipe is given allowing anyone to adjust the recipes to their diets according to their goals. Because these recipes are low in calories and are highly satiating, you can lose weight if you implement them in your diet.
Portion sizes for every recipe is given according to the amount of the ingredients for preparation of each recipe.
For each recipe, exact time it takes for preparation is given, allowing you to choose the recipes that take less time if you are out of time.
Losing weight is only achieved with a caloric deficit. This meal plan consists of healthy & highly nutritious recipes that are loaded with loads of micro nutrients while having the nutrition facts written, so you can easily adjust them according to your diet according to your goal.

You are only a click away from changing your dieting game for good!

Stay healthy, stay happy

Sasha Pralica
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